Wrexham Library

Wrexham Library
Wrexham Library where Bouncepreneurs Book Written

Wrexham Library where Michael Allen has successfully wrote and published his Bouncepreneur Book

The book called “Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure,” was conceived and written in Wrexham library. “I was in the library reading about Kangaroos not being able to go backwards and the idea for a self-help book for entrepreneurs who had lost their businesses bounced into my brain,” says Allen.

“The book helps entrepreneurs whose ventures have failed,” says Allen. “I have a background in economic development and self-employment. It is clear to me that although there is lots of help for startups there is very little for ethical business people whose ventures have failed.”

Six leading Professors from business schools such as Aston, Warwick, University College Dublin and Strathclyde’s Hunter Business School helped with the research behind the book. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor research provided by Professor Jonathan Levie was especially useful.

“Susan Elan Jones my local MP met with me and was very encouraging towards the book.” tells Michael.

“The Wrexham library proved a great place to write and my productivity there was really good. I also met other authors David Jack Smith working on his own fiction book,” shares Michael,

Allen believes “People are encouraged to start up and be innovative, which is good and important. But the impact of business failure especially with universal credit rating are now life changing. My book aims to help ethical entrepreneurs recover from the grief of losing their business and follow a recovery path back to success and happiness.”

“I have used Amazon Kindle Self Publishing to get the book out there and it is going really well. It is a great way of publishing and selling your work and is really empowering to wannabe authors,” shares Michael. I learnt all about it from conversations in Wrexham library too.

“The staff in Wrexham library were always very friendly and helpful to me and I am very, very grateful to them and for having such a great local facility.

Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure is available on Amazon Kindle in Paperback and eBook format

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