White Collar Herd

White Collar Herd

The White Collar Herd are ex executives who have lost their role and spend their day wandering social media for scraps of feed.

Daily rates don’t give security. Go another way!

White Collar Herd at Bouncepreneurs
White Collar Herd traps former executives

Says Michael Allen Author of “Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back after Business Failure” Available on Amazon

Michael sees the White Collar Herd in the same situation as failed entrepreneurs.

The big salary, expense account and big car have gone.
The expected bounce back into another role has not materialised and a year has gone by.
Your network is getting stale and less receptive to your calls .
Your partner is getting fed up of missing the trips you used to take.
Your belt is getting tight and the gym membership has been cancelled.

So what can you do about it!


Well firstly you have to recognise you are suffering from Grief. Your ego have taken a huge hit. You are starting to realise the skills you relied on are not so much in demand as you thought.

Members of the White Collar Herd tends to do three key things:-

Spend hours on Linked In,  other business social media and less productive online sites
Become a consultant as that is what everyone else does
Scratch your network for work

1. You will in most cases take a job on much less money than before.
2. Work on interim projects for a good daily rate, but the work is here today and gone tomorrow and you cannot plan around it.
3. You will not have the level of control you are used to.

So what is the alternative to the White Collar Herd?

Why not run your own show. Step out of the FTSE 500 and use your experience to build you own business.

At Bouncepreneurs we describe a 7 Gate process for Bounce Back to Business Success. But it will work for the redundant executive as well as the restarting business person.

You all need a business model that is Scalable, Can be Duplicated and is “GetOutable”

If you want to be master of your own ship. Think about becoming a Bouncepreneur. It works for redundant executives too!

by Michael Allen Founder at Bouncepreneurs.com



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