Test Business Idea Course

Test Business Idea Course
Test Business Idea Course Avoid the Traps

Test Business Idea Course

Bouncepreneurs are offering a low cost way to double check you are starting a viable business. This is called the

Test Business Idea Course and we are running the first one in Birmingham on August 3rd for just £99.00 per person.

Why Have Bouncepreneurs Launched This Course?

You may already know that Bouncepreneurs already help entrepreneurs recover from business failure. So we thought what better way to help entrepreneurs than to assist them to avoid starting flawed businesses in the first place. The life long impacts of a business failure are now more significant than ever. Automated credit rating impacts people in the most cruel way.

You will hear the Cheer Leaders driving you to start your own business, government, lenders, software providers and property agents. But if you fail AND most businesses do fail!!! These Cheerleaders soon disappear.

So do not underestimate the impacts of failure! 

So we built the Test Business Idea Course to be very realistic, to encourage you to think very carefully before start up AND the be inexpensive.

Inexpensive at just £99 for the day and materials

You are going to be spending savings or borrowing to finance your business. Maybe thousands of £/€/$. Why not test the idea to be absolutely sure! For just £99. Surely that is a good investment!

Very gritty and realistic.

The course will challenge your thinking on every level. You will not be getting nods of approval from your family and friends, but a tough evaluation process. We are more realistic than any government backed course can be.

Challenges Market Research

You may have done your market research diligently. But more and more people believe that market research can be futile in market testing. Your course leader has been practicing market research for over 25 years and is a skeptic to it’s usefulness in assessing new business ideas.

Totally Confidential

To maintain the confidentiality of your idea- you do not have to share it with anybody on the course. So rest easy. But you do get the opportunity to share thinking and evolve that thinking with others taking part. This strengthens the value of the course significantly.

Course Details

The course takes place on August 3rd in a city centre Birmingham Hotel. Booking is by direct funds transfer. Please email mike@bouncepreneurs.com for a booking form and bank payment details.

The course runs from 9.30 to 16.00 with coffee and finger buffet lunch provided.

Course Tutor

Michael Allen is the Founder of Bouncepreneurs a movement helping Entrepreneurs whose ventures fail Bounce Back to entrepreneurial success and happiness. His book Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure is proving very successful with stranded entrepreneurs.

He is passionate about reducing the number of small business failures and helping restore entrepreneurs whose ventures have failed.

Michael has practiced market research since 1988, ran a successful economic development consultancy ranging across 18 countries and has trained Directors from over 350 of the FTSE 500 on service transformation.

Michael Allen Bouncepreneurs
Michael Allen Author of Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back from Business Failure


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