Support Entrepreneurial Recovery Sponsor Bouncepreneurs

Support Entrepreneurial Recovery Sponsor Bouncepreneurs

Support Entrepreneurial Recovery
Support Entrepreneurial Recovery Today


Entrepreneurial Recovery Movement Bouncepreneurs today launched their Call for Sponsors.

250,000 Entrepreneurs leave businesses that fail in the UK alone. Does your organization understand and support entrepreneurial recovery? Why not help drive entrepreneurial bounce backs?

Bouncepreneurs Become a Corporate Sponsor Help Entrepreneurial Recovery.

Sponsorship will aid Bouncepreneurs in delivering the much needed Bounce Back course to entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed in the UK and Ireland. The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor suggests 250,000 entrepreneurs left businesses that failed in 2015 alone.

The core objective behind the Bouncepreneurs movement is to assist entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed back into successful entrepreneurship, employment or education. Support Entrepreneurial Recovery today.

In Ireland and the UK we are very good at supporting start-ups, innovation and entrepreneurialism. But over 50% of businesses fail in the first five years. What if we could salvage the leaders from these businesses and get them back into economic activity. By removing stigma, upholding ethical behaviour and rebuilding the morale of these people we can build a much stronger economy.

If you bucket has a leak you fix it before pouring more water in – don’t you?

Bouncepreneurs has the backing of major academic experts in Entrepreneurialism at Strathclyde University’s Hunter Centre in Scotland, Glyndwr University Business School in Wales, and University College Dublin’s Michael Smurfit Centre for Entrepreneurialism. A total of six major business schools are collaborating on a research case for second phase entrepreneurialism. Academics Support Entrepreneurial Recovery, why don’t you by becoming a Foundation Partner.

The Bouncepreneurs movement has already helped entrepreneurial recovery in a bespoke way. But no we wish to ramp up our activity and help people at regional hubs and online throughout the UK. We wish to work with and complement existing entrepreneurial organisations.

Perhaps the core innovation Bouncepreneurs is seeking to deliver is helping entrepreneurs who fail with their Entrepreneurial Grief. This has been likened to losing an immediate member of the family. Imagine this grief, plus no income, debts, family pressures and social stigma. If we can relieve this largely unnecessary suffering by education and our Bounce Back Course then our society and economy will benefit.

Support Entrepreneurial Recovery get involved in three ways:-

  1. A Foundation Partner
  2. A Supporter
  3. An Alumni Member

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Written by Michael Allen Founder of Bouncepreneurs



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