Picking Successful Business Idea

Picking Successful Business Idea Using 7 Fences Idea

Picking Successful Business Ideas
Picking Successful Business Idea using 7 Fences

Picking Successful Business Idea is obviously critical. In my book Bouncepreneurs I suggest a method of making sure your idea is solid by means of several fences.

There are 7  Fences in the idea generation and testing model described in my book “Bouncepreneurs Bounce Back After Business Failure.”  The Bouncepreneur model uses a series of helpful Kangaroo Guides to help entrepreneurs make certain their idea is going to work. As Bouncepreneur students progress they earn a belt (just like Karate) which emulates the colour of 7 Kangaroos Guides.

For today I should like to mention three of these Kangaroo Guides and their roles in picking a successful business idea.

3 Kangaroo Guides and Their Role in Picking a Successful Business Idea

Yellow Kangaroo Guide – Yellow is a bright girl, full of energy, maybe one too many energy drinks if truth be told. But Yellow is Bouncepreneurs idea machine gun. She can help you add ideas around your existing concept, throw out brand new ideas and generally get the creative juices flowing.

Orange Kangaroo Guide – Orange is far more logical and the Vulcan/Mr Spock of the Bouncepreneur Guides. His role in picking successful business idea is designed to challenge your ideas and screen down to your best.

Green Kangaroo Guide – Green Kangaroo Guide will encourage you NOT to carry out extensive market research with potential customers. Instead she suggests you actually launch a basic, or minimal version of your product or concept – a minimum viable product. By doing this you get to find out if your product idea will work, without huge risk to your wallet or confidence.

By taking just a little more time to ensure your business idea is solid you are being a professional and not an amateur entrepreneur. Do not take any more risk with your future than you need.

To find out more about all 7 of the Kangaroo Guide order my (Michael Allen) new book – Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back from Business Failure today available in paper back and eBook versions.

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