Learning Business Failure

Learning Business Failure Real Life Bounce Back Stories

Learning business failures from real entrepreneurs
Learning business failures from real Bouncepreneurs

If you are reading Linked In or Facebook or other social media today you will read a lot about how successful people are. Don’t get me wrong celebrating success is a great thing to do. But in business we all have successes and failures. Learning business failure is a key component of Bouncepreneurs cause.

As a fan of Linked In and Twitter I hear a lot about success, but not so much about failure.

Bouncepreneurs will shortly be starting a weekly feature about real people whose businesses have failed. YES FAILED. I promise you the first of these stories is a cracker. Again learning business failure is key. Learn how Stef Pritchard had to leave his beloved RAF following a motorbike accident, his business failures and what he learnt to make his current business Access at Last such a great success.

Access at Last provides accessible holiday accommodation to wheel chair users and their families. Stef also runs a highly successful business selling hoists and other equipment.

Our success stories will focus on the learning in the darkest days. They will also focus on hope.

Why? Because our movement is about helping people RECOVER from Entrepreneurial Grief. Most of our group is in this phase now! Speaking for myself, when I was suffering Entrepreneurial Grief I did not want to hear how Billy, Amin or Simon had made millions blogging, when I could not knit myself a hit on Facebook.

We will share the really tough experiences, how people practically crawled out of it, inch by inch. For those of you who have not read my Porridge in the Drawer piece I highly recommend it. It is a funny story for the blackest of days. Entrepreneurial Grief is not funny. But recoveries can be made. It is not an inevitable slide into a sad life.

So look out for Stef Pritchard’s great story and how he bounced back from bankruptcy. Read about his learning business failure and I hope it really helps.

Written by Michael Allen Founder of Bouncepreneurs


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