JustGiving Fundraiser for Training Course Launched

Just Giving Fundraiser for Training Course Launched

Just Giving Fundraiser from Bouncepreneurs
JustGiving Fundraiser for BounceBack Training Course


Bouncepreneurs helps entrepreneurs whose businesses fail to bounce back to success. The JustGiving Fundraiser aims to fund the build of a free online recovery course for entrepreneurial recovery or Bounce Backs.

We wish to offer a totally free of charge online course.

a. Help people recover faster from the Entrepreneurial Grief of losing a business, to give them a road map to a productive, happy life.
b. Help them and their families get through the financial and social challenges
c. Help people move forward back into entrepreneurialism or other avenues


The JustGiving Fundraiser will help 250,000 UK entrepreneurs in 2015 alone. Plus their families. It affects over 500,000 children.*

Entrepreneurial “failure” leads to misery and debts. It pressurises relationships, family life, NHS, unemployment costs and suicide rates.

Data from Bouncepreneurs Academic Research Group with Professors from Warwick, Aston, Strathclyde, Glyndwr, University College Dublin, Huddersfield and Malmo Business Schools. Professor Jonathan Levie (Strathclyde) co-writes the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor and gave us the 250,000 figure.

How the JustGiving Fundraiser Money Will Be Spent

10 week design of a 6 module course plus delivery software , graphics, software and testing.

1. Entrepreneurial Grief
2. Stabilisation
3. Planning Bounce back
4. Bounceback Now!
5. Staying Sharp
6. Giving Back

Please support the creation of this vitally important course. Visit our JustGiving Fundraiser page today.

For all organisations or businesses who donate £600 or more we will profile and promote your support of this cause.

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