Is Bouncepreneurs for You

Is Bouncepreneurs for You?

Is Bouncepreneurs for You?
Is Bouncepreneurs for You?

You are the person I want to help with my Bouncepreneurs Guide to Entrepreneurial recovery. But Is Bouncepreneurs for you?

Think About Yourself and Denial

Many of the people I talk to about recovery spend at least an hour talking about their “Glory Days.” When business was really good and money was rolling in. They tell me how they were an important person. They managed many people, had large budgets and plentiful resources.

But Is Bouncepreneurs for you? This is what I quietly say to new clients..

Often in first meetings the person will talk about

  1. Travel on business to far off places, business class of course
  2. The deals they made through clever negotiation
  3. Their cars (oh yes always their cars)

Bouncepreneurs for you? I find myself always asking them this question.

If we have 60 minutes for a meeting to discuss entrepreneurial recovery, my prospects always spend 55 minutes talking about their Glory Days. Only when I ask for the 10th time and time is running out does the person say Bouncepreneurs is for me.

We all live in denial about our failures and lack of success.

Often when I first meet new Bouncepreneurs I find they are simply refusing to accept or believe that a venture failure event has occurred. This  person affected behaves as if nothing has happened, talking in way that shows the failure has not been realised.

Denial, I am told in full form is totally subconscious, and those suffering may be as mystified by the behavior of people around them as those people are by the behavior of the sufferers. But denial may also have a significant conscious part too, with the sufferer is just choosing to ‘turn a blind eye’ to the discomfort of recognising their failure.

We have heard the stories of the wife who knows her husband  has been killed, and is still setting the table for him for dinner

Most people take credit for their successes BUT  find ‘good reason’ for their failures, blaming their situation on their ex wife or husband or “them.”

As well all know alcoholics vigorously deny that they have a problem.

So ask yourself this question Entrepreneur?

Is Bouncepreneurs for You?

If you have read this far then it is. The first step is to buy my book

Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back from Entrepreneurial Failure available on Amazon Kindle in paperback and eBook.

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