Industrial Strategy Consultation Bouncepreneur Strategy Paper

Industrial Strategy Consultation Bouncepreneur Strategy Paper 

Bouncepreneurs to submit to Industrial Strategy Consultation
Bouncepreneurs to submit to Industrial Strategy Consultation announced by PM Theresa May

UK Prime Minister Theresa May announced a consultation process for a new Industrial Strategy for the UK. Bouncepreneurs is set to respond to the Government Industrial Strategy Consultation, with support from our Academic Research Group Partners.

HMG through BEIS have called for submissions to aid consideration of a cohesive Industrial Strategy for the UK. Hooray! Great idea. On behalf of Bouncepreneurs we would like to applaud the UK Government for opening up this debate.

Bouncepreneurs are entrepreneurs whose projects have failed and are seeking to move forward from debt, stigma, relationship and health issues through an entrepreneurial bounce back.

Bouncepreneurs will be responding with a strategy for a UK-wide Entrepreneurial Recovery Programme.

This submission will be supported by the 7 Business School Partners we have in the Academic Research Group all of whom specialise in entrepreneurship.

In our Industrial Strategy Consultation submission we will be citing the scale and depth of the problem and the regional distribution. The research we have at our disposal shows that for every entrepreneurial start up one entrepreneurial business fails. If even ten percent of the effort and funding going into start-ups could be directed at helping second phase entrepreneurs with their entrepreneurial recovery it would have a major impact. The impact would reduce dependence on state resources and significantly advance our economy.

In our paper to the Industrial Strategy consultation we will be aiming to show:-

  1. The potential benefit to the economy of doing things differently
  2. The reduction on state health and social security pressures
  3. The poverty impact it is having on family and the poverty trap
  4. Evidence from France and Australia of successful alternative approaches
  5. A planned national recovery programme based on education
  6. Policy changes to reduce impact of failure to a fair and reasonable level
  7. Discriminatory practices in recruitment and recruitment technology for Entrepreneurs who have failed trying to return to employment.

Anyone who would like to influence or comment on our own submission to the Industrial Strategy consultation will be pleased to know that we will be publishing our paper in full on our website by March 10th. Please do contact us on with any comments you may have please.

Written by Michael Allen Founder Bouncepreneurs

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