Hard Times Porridge in the Drawer

Porridge in the Drawer

Porridge in the Drawer is about hard times. It is about doing whatever it takes to get back in the success saddle.

Most Bouncepreneurs going through Entrepreneurial Grief also go through extremely tough financial times. Often losing homes, cars, living standards, not being able to treat the kids or partner. Tough, tough times.

My great friend Pastor Peter Clayton told me a story way back about a poor guy really struggling.

Now this guy was really broke. But he knew he could get out of difficulty by thinking and working. But feeding himself was going to be really tough.

This guy had just enough money to buy a large back of oatmeal porridge. So he lined a drawer with kitchen paper, made up the porridge with water and poured it into the drawer.

He lived off this substance until he got his first break and could go shopping. The story is a funny one. It is an urban and student myth really. Some say he got malnutrition, others say he was using a saw to cut off his lunch at the end. But the main thing was he didn’t starve and he made it through.

All Bouncepreneurs have to go through their own “Porridge in the Drawer” experience. You will get through it. You will Bounceback Bouncepreneur

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