Entrepreneurs Charter from Bouncepreneurs 2017

Entrepreneurs Charter Bouncepreneurs


Entrepreneurs Charter
Bouncepreneurs Charter for Entrepreneurs

Bouncepreneurs Charter for Recovery

  1. Bouncepreneurs mission is to help entrepreneurs achieve full personal and professional recovery after a business failure.
  2. Bouncepreneurs members and alumni are joined by a common experience of entrepreneurial grief and who support each other in times of trouble and success. Membership of our community is proudly displayed by use of the Blue Kangaroo motive.
  3. We work to show the scale of this problem by working with leading academic and other institutions and how it affects families to influence social perception
  4. Our focus is on education. This Entrepreneurial Charter advocates the learning from business failure AND entrepreneurial recovery or bounce backs.
  5. We seek to inform and support government, major enterprises and international groups in bringing forward second phase entrepreneurialism as an important new form of post credit crunch economic development.
  6. We work to clarify and split ethical and non ethical business failure thereby removing unfair perceptions of shame that currently exist with all forms of business failure. Most importantly we seek to change Equal Opportunity legislation for a fairer deal to Bouncepreneurs seeking to return to employment.
  7. We provide a range of educational and support services at all stages following entrepreneurial failure.
  8. We welcome the support of visionary individuals and organisations who recognise the Bouncepreneur mission in terms of funding, guidance and access to their networks
  9. All members are welcome, regardless of creed or colour or location with the proviso they have suffered or are suffering the loss of a business
  10. Bouncepreneurs are people whose businesses have failed and seek to learn and recover. They are not people who have failed.

All comments on our Entrepreneurs Charter are very gratefully received by Michael Allen on mike@bouncepreneurs.com

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