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Entrepreneurs bounceback,  that is what Bouncepreneurs is all about. It is is for men and women of all ages, who have been entrepreneurs and hit troubled times. With 3/4 of new businesses failing within 2 years there are more hits than misses first time around. We can help you to recover and get back to entrepreneurial success.

Entrepreneurs Bounceback with Bouncepreneurs Founder
Michael Allen Founder of Bouncepreneurs


We also work with enlighten government and other organisations to develop better understanding, resources and help to improve this situation which affects the lives and families of around 300,000 people per year in the UK.

I am a Bouncepreneur myself. I have experienced business success and failure. Entrepreneurial grief of losing a business is like losing a loved one. For some it leads to long term depression, long term financial problems, family breakdown and even worst of all suicide.

I am no guru with a Lear Jet or millions in the bank. I just hope to create a place where entrepreneurs can feel at shelter from the storm. And THEN, get some resources so that they can BOUNCE BACK, recover and be successful again. Entrepreneurs Bounceback with Bouncepreneurs.

In preparing Bouncepreneurs I have been amazed by the reaction of successful entrepreneurs. All of them say things like “I’ve been there Mike. It was grim!” In my experience successful entrepreneurs are more than willing to reach out to those struggling to help. But they have lacked a vehicle to do so. I hope Bouncepreneurs be that vehicle. I hope it will become a community where entrepreneurs at the top of the ladder and bottom of the snake will feel fellowship.

The Blue Kangaroo is our motto and the badge of fellowship for all Bouncepreneurs who have achieved or are working towards Entrepreneurs Bounceback.

I have been fortunate to work in economic development and met some great people in inward investment and company support. I came to realise that there was a void where entrepreneurial “failure” is concerned. Not just in the UK but in many countries. Some places are becoming more understanding of entrepreneurial failure than others. I hope Bouncepreneurs will be supported by government and Bouncepreneurialism will become a new form of economic strategy.

You can also read my book “Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure” available on Amazon Kindle

So please wish us luck on this journey, we won’t get it right straightaway folks and we are on a shoe string budget right now. But if you have lost your business we are here for you. Remember to…..

Lift Your Head Up – It Ain’t Over Yet!  (great song below by the way)


Michael Allen



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