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Entrepreneurial Recovery Government Role Opportunity to Improve

Entrepreneurs and government
Entrepreneurial Recovery Government Role

I had the pleasure of working with great people in a number of governmental development agencies, economic development agencies and investment promotion agencies over the years. We worked on inward investment, aftercare for existing companies and start ups. Returning to this world after ten years I observe significant change. In the UK certainly there is a greater emphasis on innovation and entrepreneurship. In post Brexit we are seeing much more export promotion. This readjustment shows just how flexible development units large and small can be.

But today I make a sincere plea to government in the UK, at all levels Welsh, Scottish, Northern Irish and English to rethink Entrepreneurial Recovery and your role in it. Entrepreneurial recovery government role can change for the better.

I looked at the http://www.greatbusiness.gov.uk/ site today. It is a great site full of resources for start ups and businesses. The Invest Northern Ireland site goes even further to assist Northern Irelands entrepreneurial community.

But a few things few readers would not dismiss. We might have different views on scale but the essentials are:-

  1. Most start ups fail within two years -so there are more “Failed” entrepreneurs than initially successful ones
  2. Failed entrepreneurs go from paying taxes to draining state resources for themselves and family
  3. “Failed” Entrepreneurs feel “like lepers” and outside of normal society.
  4. Entrepreneurs are the engines of economic growth, jobs and prosperity
  5. The post credit crunch era has made it far harder to get finance
  6. Credit rating can stop access to funding, tendering success and even getting basic resources such as office space and phone lines.

Now these are the reality of the situation. There may be 300,000 people and their families in this situation. Maybe more.

Some questions for those influencing Entrepreneurial Recovery Government Role are:-

  1. What does this group cost the country during their Entrepreneurial Grief phase?
  2. So what is government doing to specifically help this group?
  3. What would the economic cost be of getting these people back into entrepreneurial success.

In terms of Entrepreneurial Recovery Government Role, some changes that Bouncepreneurs are advocating:-

  1. Develop a strategy for helping Entrepreneurial Recovery
  2. Create a Passport for Credit Based on a Bouncepreneur MBA to “trump” credit ratings
  3. Take a more joined up approach to helping “Failed” Entrepreneurs recover in order to reduce burden on state health, welfare and property resources.
  4. Develop a state Tax Amnesty to allow Bouncepreneurs financial relief to start their entrepreneurial activity again
  5. To realise Entrepreneurial Recovery is not all about giving people new capital. It can be more about refreshing their confidence and entrepreneurial zeal too.

Bouncepreneurs are meeting economic development agencies and government organisations with a view to working in partnership to assist the Bouncepreneur movement.

If you are in government or economic development or both please feel free to contact me to discuss opportunities for cooperation.


Mike Allen Founder Bouncepreneurs


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