Entrepreneurial Failure Over Christmas

Hope at Christmas
Entrepreneurial Failure Christmas Blues

Entrepreneurial Failure Christmas Blues

Are you a businessperson who is going into Christmas suffering a failed business?

Entrepreneurial Failure Christmas Blues?  Bouncepreneurs Can Help.

Don’t see your self as a “Failed Businesswoman” or a “Failed Businessman.” You are simply an Entrepreneur whose business has failed. It’s not the end of the road. Do lift your head up – because it isn’t over yet.

Bouncepreneurs are people that ethically bounceback from their Entrepreneurial Grief and become successful again.

Bouncepreneurs is a new movement helping Second Phase Entrepreneurs recover and go again.

So if you have lost your business, are in pain, financial or relationship difficulty then please do get in touch. Everyone reading this article will know someone who is struggling – please refer them to Bouncepreneurs.

It is early days for Bouncepreneurs and we are looking for supporters too. So if you are ardent about corporate social responsibility then also please get in touch.

More information on our website on www.bouncepreneurs.com

Or simply email me at mike@bouncepreneurs.com

If you are really struggling this Christmas following a very recent loss of business please email me and I will arrange to call you.

I promise you Entrepreneur no matter how you feel – YOU CAN RECOVER from this.

The Global Entrepreneurial Monitor suggests there are 250,000 of us per annum. So you will be amongst friends.

I know it is tough. I’ve been there. But you can recover.

“Failed” Entrepreneurs that recover are vital to our economy and job creation.

So say NO to Entrepreneurial Failure Christmas Blues

Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2017 Bouncepreneurs

Michael Allen Bouncepreneurs Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

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