Election Victory for Entrepreneurs

Election Victory for Entrepreneurs

Michael Allen Author of Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure
Election victory entrepreneurs helped more to bounce back from business failure to become Bouncepreneurs
election victory entrepreneurs
Election Victory Entrepreneurs get more help from Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn

Whatever happens today in the UK General Election, whether Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn comes out on top I hope the winners adopt a new approach to corporate recovery by supporting Bouncepreneurs. Ethical entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed and are brave enough to try again.

With post credit crunch business failures at unprecedented levels a new approach is long overdue.

The three policy recommendations I hope and pray to see adopted by a new UK government.

Election Victory Entrepreneurs Recovery Given More Focus

Government agencies love start ups. Opening champagne and being in pictures is what they love. so do banks and other lenders. Women, U18’s, ethnic minorities, you name a group and there is a start up programme for them. But when the business fails there is absolutely nothing. The champagne drinkers and happy snappers vapourise. The corporate recovery practices step in. My own experience with Agencies in all parts of the UK shows a denial of the scale of the problem and extreme discomfort about the elephant in the room. It also shows a universal and very misguided (very misguided) idea that Bouncepreneurs (entrepreneurs who have failed who are trying again) should be thrown in with first time startups. Would you send a seasoned sea Captain sunk by a torpedo back to become a first time seaman after his ship had been sunk. No!

Election Victory Entrepreneurs Get Revised New Enterprise Allowance Scheme

The current New Enterprise Allowance Scheme is miserly in the extreme. It pays LESS than Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) and strips the individual of benefits such as free dental and eyecare given on JSA. £65 per week for the first half and £33 for the second half of the half year scheme is just not enough. Without a loan (which those whose previous business has failed cannot secure) just getting a web site up and feeding oneself is not practical. Following a wind up with corporate recover cash is hard to find.

Election Victory Entrepreneurs Credit Rating Abuse in Job Hunting Fixed

Entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed often have to return to mainstream employment to survive. Depriving people of the right to work is plain wrong.  If they have liquidated or even become bankrupt their misfortune (although they are responsible) should not prevent them from securing a job. The recent (and crude) expansion of universal credit rating sweeps across job applications is a form of modern discrimination. It is as bad as sexual, racial or sexual discrimination. Of course someone who is bankrupt is not suitable for a bank manager role. But could they work in a bank call centre – of course. Business failure is not a crime and there is no criminality in liquidation if done ethically!


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