Businesswomen Need Entrepreneurial Recovery

Businesswomen Need
Businesswomen Need Entrepreneurial Recovery Too

Businesswomen Need Entrepreneurial Recovery Too

Women understand the impact of Entrepreneurial Failure on families better than men I find. And Businesswomen need entrepreneurial recovery too, for sure. The last few days support for Bouncepreneurs the Entrepreneurial Recovery movement is really gathering momentum amongst women. As a 51 year old male I increasingly believe that women and couples seem to understand what we are trying to do, much better than men.

It is true that saying Support for Bouncepreneurs Grows has to be tempered with a few disappointments. But encouragement from women has been inspiring in recent days. Businesswomen need entrepreneurial recovery after their businesses have failed, and are really struggling. This  is sharp in my mind from one conversation after another with females entrepreneurs.

Women Understand Better?

I spoke (pitched for support!) to a very decent guy at a leading bank this morning who was justifiably proud of his organisation’s flagship entrepreneurial programme. There was no room “at the inn” for entrepreneurial recovery it seems. HE DIDN’T GET IT!

But yesterday I spoke to a successful woman business leader through Twitter at a leading finserv business in the UK. We spoke on the phone. She told me about a friend of hers who had turned up over Christmas asking if her two children under 5 years old could be fed as she had no resources following the failure of her business. She was in fact suicidal. The Leader – SHE GOT IT! she knew that businesswomen need entrepreneurial recovery support too.

Ask yourself a question if 250,000 UK entrepreneurs are failing each year (Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2015), what proportion are female entrepreneurs. Answer A LOT!

I loathe the impact it has on children and I think women get this more than men.

I always look for the positive and ways of ensuring support for Bouncepreneurs grows. So today I call on women who are involved in

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Economic Development or Government
  3. Successful Female Entrepreneurs

to hear the Bouncepreneurs story and consider backing our work. Help us make our Free to All Entrepreneurial Online Recovery Programme available to women whose businesses have failed.

I really hope that somewhere out there exists a female visionary in corporate recovery who understands business women need entrepreneurial recovery too. Or better still a practice that would embrace Entrepreneurial Recovery post a business failure as a central plank of their service offering.

Maybe you are a bank manager who has “pulled the plug” on a business once too often without be able to offer some kind of safety net.

Contact from anyone wishing to explore this would be very welcome. Their commitment to our course as a Foundation Partner even more so. Please take a look at our site or contact me

Written by Michael Allen Founder of Bouncepreneurs

Lift your head (Female) Entrepreneur it’s not over yet!

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