Bouncepreneur Book Second Release

Bouncepreneur Book Second Release

Michael Allen Bouncepreneurs
Michael Allen Announces Bouncepreneur Book Second Edition

It’s time for my Bouncepreneur Book Second Release by Michael Allen (yours truly). It has been three months since the launch of Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure on Amazon Kindle.

Time has flown by. But why do I need a Bouncepreneur Book Second Release.

Well like any entrepreneur starting a new business you can be sure that your best laid plan will need a hand on the tiller or a serious rethink. In the case of Bouncepreneurs a firm hand on the tiller is probably a fair description.

Since putting my book out there I have learnt three things from readers and critics alike. I will share these things now.


Timescales to Recover

The recovery time scale I suggested of six months from starting trading to recovery is too short. In Bouncepreneur book second release it will be extended to 12 months. Why? Well I want to make sure my readers understand that businesses that work start and grow quickly. We don’t buy into the concept of slaving away for years before success starts and never will. If you find customer need you find it pretty fast. The main reason for the 6 to 12 months extension is to build up the team of Sergeant Majors needed to run your operation. Successful Bouncepreneurs see this as taking longer than the initial 6 months I prescribed, but that 12 months is more than adequate.

Serial Entrepreneur

In my Bouncepreneur Book Second Release another change will relate to the process of taking the Bouncepreneur from being very broke and needing a micro business, through to more substantial business models in terms of startup capital. So the idea of becoming a serial entrepreneur will be expanded.

Hybrid Employment/Entrepreneur model

Finally Bouncepreneur Book Second Release will expand further on the need to blend employment with bounce back. This hybrid business model is more important to the Bouncepreneur than the first book reflects so it will be given more focus.

So Bouncepreneur Book Second Release will represent and improvement and is worthy of the new cover and paperback format we are working on.

Release Date August 2017

Regards Michael Allen Founder Bouncepreneurs

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