Applicant Tracking Systems Lack Transparency

Applicant Tracking Systems Lack Transparency

Applicant Tracking Systems, Human Resources Information Software or Recruitment Software are different names for systems that support job applications

Applicant Tracking Systems Lack Transparency
Applicant Tracking Systems Lack Transparency

Bouncepreneurs call on major enterprises using application tracking systems to show greatness and vision in corporate social responsibility.

Application tracking systems such as Oracle’s Taleo system provide the opportunity for corporate recruiters to link or handshake with credit referencing agencies.

The terms and conditions on BT’s or Gartner’s deployment of Taleo for example do state that credit rating may be used. But it is in small print and arguably not clear enough.

Please note we are not singling out or criticising Oracle for criticism. We really hope that Oracle and other system providers will take the lead and advise their corporate clients with improved corporate social responsibility in the future.

Reasonable to Credit Rate Candidates

Now Bouncepreneurs are not suggesting that credit rating should not be used when recruiting for roles involving financial management. Of course not!

What’s Not Reasonable

If one of our Bouncepreneur clients has recently lost their business and is unemployed. They may be claiming Job Seekers Allowance in the UK.

Isn’t it reasonable that they have an opportunity to rebuild their life, work hard for an employer and gain a decent salary. Often the candidate may be over-qualified for the role they are applying for and well qualified to be successful.

To be judged on skills and experience is fair. To be excluded from roles WITHOUT key financial responsibilities such as a Financial Director, is simple not fair.

Is it a post credit crunch inequality. Should it be compared to racial or sex discrimination?

Should an organisation with Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) look at this practice again.

Bouncepreneurs CSR Recommendations

We have three simple recommendations for organisations with strong vales:-

  1. Consider if credit rating is appropriate for all your job postings
  2. Clarify your position on credit rating. Don’t let people apply for roles that require strong credit ratings. They need a job , so don’t let them waste time.
  3. Advertise jobs as friendly towards people rebuilding their finances

Written by Michael Allen  Author of Bouncepreneurs Successfully Bounce Back After Business Failure



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