Academic Support for Bouncepreneurs

Academic Support for Bouncepreneurs Research Group

This week we have enjoyed some tremendous success in encouraging leading academic organisations to support and work with the Bouncepreneurs Research Group.

Academic Support Bouncepreneurs – we now have co-operation from leading academics in 4 business schools. There assistance will help us to achieve the following goals:-

  1. To quantify the scale of the Entrepreneurial Failure in terms of people, their families, socio-economic, poverty and regional variations.
  2. To better understand the impact of Entrepreneurial Grief, Fear of Failure and the Entrepreneurial Failure Journey.
  3. To design the best possible rehabilitation resources for “Entrepreneurs whose businesses have failed.”
  4. To provide the best possible materials to influence stakeholders and other parties to back the Bouncepreneur mission to assist Entrepreneurial Recovery.

Academic Support Bouncepreneurs – Research Group Supporters

John Anderson Head of SME Engagement at The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at Strathclyde Business School and co-founder of  Entrepreneurial Scotland. John believes strongly in the concept of “recycling entrepreneurs.”

Gabriella Cacciotti  is a post graduate researcher.Gabriella has a special interest in Entrepreneurial Failure and wrote Fear of Failure and Entrepreneurship: A Review and Direction for Future Research.

Dr Orla Byrne is the Lecturer/Assistant Professor Entrepreneurship and Strategy and the Michael Smurfit Business School University College Dublin. Orla is an expert and thought leader in the Entrepreneurial Failure Journey.

Professor Jonathan Levie Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship University of Strathclyde. Jonathan understands the Global Enterprise Monitor for the UK extremely well. Jonathan is a leading authority in the UK in quantifying the level of “entrepreneurs whose business fails.” He is also quantifying this data alongside family/societal information.

David Harvey is a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Huddersfield and regularly features on radio and television as the go to expert on retail and retail failure stories. Dave has developed and taught a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses including the unique BA(Hons) Marketing with Innovation degree.

Michael Allen of Bouncepreneurs acts as a facilitator in this Group. Michael has extensive market research experience in economic development, social housing, omni-channel research methods and speech technologies. He holds the Full Diploma of the Market Research Society

Actions for Academic Support Bouncepreneurs

From here on, we will be releasing a regular flow of academic material from our group members.

We will also be shaping a course design for our Bouncepreneur Candidates. With thanks to Gabriella Cacciotti

As a priority we will have with Jonathan Levie’s kind assistant a research paper quantifying the scale of the problem to be distributed through the Enterprise Research Centre.

Words of Encouragement

Thanks to Prof Dean Shepherd University of Indiana (soon to be Notre Dame)for his encouragement and guidance

Thank to Silvio Clemente at Scottish Enterprise for articulating the need for solid research so masterfully.





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